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After a long, tiring journey, what you really need is a warm welcome. So why not let us put together a welcome pack of groceries for you to ease you gently into your holiday.

The way this works is you would choose how much to spend, say £20 and get groceries up to that value waiting for you in the villa kitchen when you arrive.
A lot of guests choose to do this so they can arrive straight to the villa without shopping on the way there, and be able to have a cold glass of wine, or cup of tea, and know that your favourite breakfast items will be ready for the morning.

Some basic essentials to get your holiday off on the right start:-
  • a box of teabags
  • a jar of instant coffee
  • a bag of sugar
  • a packet of chocolate chip cookies
  • a large carton of milk
  • a box of corn flakes
  • a loaf of bread
  • a jar of strawberry preserve
  • a carton of fresh orange juice
  • a pack of 6 eggs
  • a packet of bacon (streaky)
  • a bottle of dry white wine
  • a six pack of bottled light beer (such as Heineken)
  • a family/large pack of potato chips

Or why not arrange for a romantic surprise and splash out on a bottle of champagne to be chilled and waiting?

Please note:
All groceries will be placed in the refrigerator where appropriate (the remainder will be left on the kitchen work-surface so that you can easily find them on your arrival).
As these packs are shopped for individually by our villa management company, where an item is unavailable it will be replaced by an appropriate alternative of equal value (for example if corn flakes were unavailable they would supply an alternative cereal such as rice crispies).